The new Council will be responsible for the next city and county development plan – the masterplan for how Limerick will develop over the next decade.

Regeneration of the city centre should be top of the priority list. We need a city centre that isn’t just a route for through traffic, but a place people can go, can get around, and want to stay. We need renewal of derelict buildings like the Sarsfield St. Dunnes Stores. We need to make Georgian buildings safe for housing. We need a city centre that people can live in, work in, and use.

Housing will also be a crucial issue. Limerick is nearly full – there’s simply not enough places to live for everyone who wants to live here. The question is where do we put the new housing. Some are suggesting we build on greenfield sites further out, like the Greenpark racecourse, and Mungret. I think we should concentrate instead on redeveloping vacant and derelict sites within the city area, building higher density but high quality apartments for those who don’t need bigger houses, and where people won’t need to drive to work, freeing up our streets.