Burglary alert in Fr Russell Road area

On Saturday (9 March), I got back from a week-long field trip teaching the Mary Immaculate College second year geographers to find my house had been broken into.

The front door had been jammed open, and the place ransacked, probably looking for jewellery or cash. It was a professional job – they wore gloves, had the right tools, and knew exactly where to use them on the door to force their way in.

You can clearly see the scratch marks by the lock, left by their tools

The Garda told me that they were able to get in because the front door is PVC, and bends easily. They recommended composite doors to prevent this kind of forced entry.

It’s possible they targeted my house because of the newspaper in the letterbox outside, giving away that I wasn’t in.

I was told the area has been targeted a couple of times recently, likely by a group from Dublin coming off the N18. So, if you live in the Fr Russell Road-Dooradoyle area, be vigilant, and keep an eye out for your neighbours.